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The ability to write with a clear purpose such as to inform or request information. Use appropriate sentence structure, punctuation, wording, and tone.


Take the Writing Self-Assessment

Complete this self-assessment to help you understand your writing strengths and areas for improvement. 

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Alphabet Organizer

Create an alphabet book or alphabet chart with words for each letter of the alphabet. Or choose just one word per letter and upload an image to make a visual connection between the word and the beginning letter. You can save a draft of unfinished work or share final work via e-mail.

Business English

In general, Business English is a form of English specially suited to international trade, commerce and finance.

Business Letters
Parts of a business letter and format
Capitalization Worksheet Practice

Use these printable worksheets to practice the rules of capitalization. 

Circle Plot Diagram

This tool can be used as a prewriting graphic organizer for students writing original stories with a circular plot structure, as well as a postreading organizer used to explore the text structures in a book. 

Communication Skills and Tools


Become a Skilled Business Communicator:

  • General Communication
  • Planning and Structuring
  • Communicating in Person
  • Feedback
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Communicating in Writing
  • Negotiation, Persuasion and Influence  (16)
  • Difficult Communication Situations
  • Understanding Others Better
Compare and Contrast Map

Develop an outline for one of three types of comparison essays: whole-to-whole, similarities-to-differences, or point-to-point.  The finished map can be saved, e-mailed, or printed.

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